In 2009 S.P.R. Investor Relations became partner to and affiliated with Grayling, the international Public Relations and Investor Relations firm. Grayling is subsidiary of the international communication company Huntsworth PLC, which is traded in the London stock exchange. Grayling is considered to be one of the leading international investor relations companies throughout the world including the US, England, Thailand, Singapore and other countries. Therefore, being affiliated with such a prestigious corporation, S.P.R. Investor Relations has built its investor relations foundations on both companies expertise, and has succeeded in becoming one of the leading P.R. firms that deal with national and international investor relations. S.P.R. Investor Relations is the preferred corporation working within the Israeli Stock Exchange.

  • Finance Communications

  • Public investments

  • Institutional markets

  • Customer care management

  • Brokers

  • Analysts

  • Trust Funds

  • Our work, along with Grayling, includes providing all investor relations' services and evaluations in preparation for Israeli companies recruitment, as well as ties to prominent commercial banks in the US and other countries.

  • Maximizing the public image for creating an opportunity for investment.

  • Creating international and national exposure with the right investments.

  • Building and providing the precise value of the shares.

  • Expanding the foundation of the company's shareholders.

  • Working along with the company's strategy.

  • Creating a network with analysts, brokers and investment bodies together with public and private banking.

  • Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the company.

  • Building the company's potential value in comparison to its market value.

  • Turning to the appropriate target audience in order to gain the desirable outcomes for the company.

  • Increasing the level of awareness of the company in the market.

  • Building the company's image among the chosen target audience.

  • Developing active processes of investor relations.

  • Developing the intention of the investment.

  • Finding the most suitable investors for the company

  • Following and recognizing potential investors.

  • Ties to influential organizations in the institutional markets.

  • Response to applications of analysts or the company's shareholders.

  • Business information and feedback.

  • Obtaining information of analysis's, finance managers, brokers, funds, head of funds and decision makers in business organizations that are suitable for the customers needs.

  • Forming internal networks of investors in order to respond to investment companies.

  • Developing and preparing information materials such as, presentations and executive summaries.

  • Guiding economic commentators and capital market journalists as to the policy of the upcoming position of the company.

  • Emphasising the company's operations, including its strategic point of view.

  • Continuously responding to capital market journalists using the firm's media tools.

  • Preparing and recording information related to stock market reports.

שלמה פרץ יועץ תקשורת

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