Govermment issues (Lobbying) 

We operate among the relevant government offices, the Prime Minister's office, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Communication, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Environment, among others. In addition, we operate among the relevant Knesset (parliament) committees, including the finance committee, the economic committee, the legal committee and others.

Our clients include the Health Organization "Clalit", "Mifal Hapais", "Channel 10", "Rav Bariah", Various Colleges, "HabeinLeumi Bank", "Tnuva", "Bezeq", gas companies and other companies that relate to 

Shlomo Peretz served as strategic advisor and PR advisor to Prime Minister,

Binyamin Netanyahu

PR branding and lobbing for universities, colleges and academic institutes

We specialize in PR campaigns interactive and lobbing for universities, colleges and academic institutes, to upgrade this institutes and to create the platform to raise the number of students.

Lobbing-Government Relations
We specialize in dealing with the ministry of education, ministry of finance the Prime Minister's office and other institutes, including the form of the chairmen of universities and the council for higher education, in order to achieve academic recognition and license for our clients

שלמה פרץ יועץ תקשורת

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